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About Us

About Swaroop Yogic Life

The foot hill of the Himalayas have been a treasure house of nature and inspiration for many. This area has been an inspiration not only for its breath taking view but also has been the home for many Yogis “ seekers of the higher reality”. The enchanting landscape carved by the Divine water body called the Ganges, and the vibrations of the mountains has become home to many seekers to practice and live here. One such city by the banks of the river Ganga is Rishikesh.
Rishikesh has been home to many spiritual giants, to name a few Swami Sivananda , Swami Rama and Swami Veda Bharati. This little city has been a quite sanctuary of monasteries and temples to the Yogis who come to seek for silence and contemplation. Today it has become the Yoga Capital of the world. Yet not losing its charm and authenticity.

Swaroop Yogi Life is a school that has made its home in the foot hills by the Ganges in Rishikesh . This schools was found by Acharya Prema Swarup  in 2008. The main purpose of this school is to educate and promote the Yogic style of living . The name of the school is taken from the 3rd verse of the Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali. Sage Patanjali describes Yoga as cesation of the modifications of the mind. Once the mind is quite the seer has the ability to reflect and abide in the true nature of the self. The self here is called Swaroopa in the Sanskrit language. Once we are able to understand and know what is our Swaroopa ‘true nature’ there will be much clarity in the transections in our life.
Therefore the main purpose of this school is to discove the true nature of oneself and  to teach the seekers to use the different tools given in the system of Ashtanga Yoga by Sage Patanjali. The Ashtanga Yoga system has 8 limbs meaning step to reach to a state of complete balance in mind ‘Samadhi’. In oder to reach this state of complete balance, Sage Patanjali has given steps to reach this states beginning from certain code of conducts to certain physical excercises called Asanas to breathing methods Pranayama that will eventually guide you to the seat of meditation.

The school is equipped with a team of dedicated teacher who have been exponents in the practice of Yoga. The team of teachers have been teaching and practicing Yoga for many years with great credentials to their names. The schools has a systematic methodology of teaching Yoga that will prepare the student to understand and practice the subject. The school has a safe class room environment with the modern facilities and the use of Yoga props. The school provides a comfortable stay with hygienic and nutritious food according to the Ayurvedic palate.

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