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Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

What is a Yoga Retreat ?

A yoga retreat is a serene place usually located far away from the city and in nature’s cusp. Yoga retreats allow people to slow down and soak in life and activity. The retreats usually have a schedule of events, classes and nutritious meals planned out for its visitors to help them detox. The entire process is guided with additional support from professional instructors. Apart from the plethora of activities, there is ample time to spend in solitude, explore nature and rest. By the end of your time at a yoga retreat, you will feel reconnected with yourself and energized too.

with fundamental and essential knowledge of Yoga in a systematic method. That will encourage the student to build a attentive self practice and to share this art and science of Yoga to the world.

Yoga Retreat With Swaroop Yogic Life

Rishikesh, the world capital of Yoga, sure has a plethora of yoga retreats but the one sure not to be missed is Swaroop Yogic life retreats, a space on the banks of the river Ganga. The retreat overlooking the mountains of Tehri and Grawla a great view of flora and fauna of the large sanctuary in the Himalayas. Promising absolute rejuvenation of the body and mind

What to expect in out Retreats

Surrounded by natural beauty, the retreat offers its visitors trekking and nature trails. Yoga and Ayurvedic massages. The visitors can also take a stroll alongside the river in the waterside esplanade that is unique to Rishikesh and is stunning sun set and rise by the river Ganga. The place vibes of the spirituality of Rishikesh and the calming view of the mountains. Our main concentration is on the practice of the ancient art of Yoga which promises the health body and mind. Daily routine designed to deal with different conditions and areas of the body taking account of the element of safety and alignment. We give great importance to the tradition in a modern context.

Daily Class Schedule for Retreat

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