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The Swaroop Yoga teacher training program we offer is a holistic approach to understand and embrace life from every aspect. The training provides knowledge on how to lead a healthy life style with proper exercise, breathing methods, meditation, cultivating right way of thinking and nutritious food eating habits. Swaroop Yoga provides a healthy learning environment and teachers of great caliber. The school ensures an authentic method of teaching Yoga keeping the tradition and modern approach well weaved together. 

The proper method of exercise we adopt is the practice of Asanas as recommended in the Ashtanga Yoga of Sage Patanjali. These Asanas are movements with skill and intelligence that embraces and nourishes every part of the body. The Asana portion focuses on the proper alignment, therapeutic technique with anatomical awareness. The pinnacle of the Asana practice is to increase integrity of the body and mind by sustaining the health of the different functions of the body.

Pranayama is the energy force that brings everything to life. This energy force is in the form of air that we intake. The sages optimize this energy force to bring balance in the physic and the mind. The right method of breathing is an essential part of the practice of yoga which will be the highlight in our training.

Meditation is an essential part of our practice. We teach active and passive meditation. This is the important part of the Yogic journey, as all other practices leads one towards the seat of meditation.

The philosophical aspect of the training is taken from the teaching of Yoga and Vedanta. The philosophy of Yoga being the practice to cultivate a health body and mind and Philosophy of Vedanta is to know that there is a higher self within. We Keep the central teaching as self enquiry ‘Atma Vicharana’. The philosophical aspect will teach the students to manage and understand the challenges that may appear in the practice on and off their mats. On the overall this will cultivate a holistic approach towards the practice of Yoga.
On the overall we equip the student with fundamental and essential knowledge of Yoga in a systematic method. That will encourage the student to build a attentive self practice and to share this art and science of Yoga to the world.

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